“If you want it, Jas will help you get after it! I’ve been a client of Jasmin’s for over three years. When I started working with Jasmin I couldn’t do a single plank, was extremely obese, had horrible back pain, felt out of place at the gym and unsure about everything. Now, more than 100 pounds lighter and stronger than I ever imagined, planks are a regular activity, kettlebells a staple and running road races a family activity. He is the best trainer I’ve worked with and has a skill no others have had. It was this unique ability to gauge my ability level from day one. He has always challenged me, but, never asked me to do an exercise I would fail at. He’s a pro at teaching correct form first, so your body gets the most out of every minute of every exercise. He’ll push you just hard enough and knows when you’ve had enough. Those skills have built both – my trust in him as a trainer and trust in myself to know that I can do it.” ~ Kristin B.

Kristin’s S.M.A.R.T. goals and plans have included weight-loss, a half-marathon, and most recently competitive powerlifting.  


I worked with Jasmin Lepir as my coach from August-November, and it was a great experience. I was fairly new to the sport of running, and had already done several races. I had more goals that I wanted to achieve for the remainder of my racing season. I met with Jasmin, and reviewed my most recent training history, as well as what I was looking to accomplish for the future.

Jasmin explained his coaching methods very clearly, as was very flexible about how we could work together. He was willing to be as involved as little, or as much as I wanted him to be. He was able to come up with a great training plan for me based on what I was looking to achieve. We used on online training log, where I could read and record my workouts. Jasmin was always responsive to questions and concerns, whether it was on email, or via text. We also discussed how certain workouts went, and he made tweaks to the training when necessary. He was also available to meet when I requested it.

Despite the fact that I was already fit, and a decent runner, I went to Jasmin so that I could accomplish very specific goals. I was afraid of undertraining, but also overtraining, and risking injury. Jasmin created a very balanced plan for me. He was incredible at explaining why he recommended certain things, at certain times, and how it would help me. I have already recommended Jasmin to friends, and will continue to do so. I will not hesitate to work with him again in the future. I feel that he helped me be very successful in the time that we worked together, and my running results were fantastic. ~ Taryn L.


 I was a bit skeptical about an online training program; however, I met in-person with Jasmin which got us off to a good start. During this meeting, he noted that I “worked out” but was not “training”. This really resonated with me. I began 8 weeks of training to improve my running for an upcoming sprint triathlon.  Jasmin pushed me by changing up my training needs each week based on what I achieved the previous week.  To my delight, my run felt better and I sliced  3 minutes off my time.  Thanks Jasmin.  ~ Joyce C.

I started running 5k races 2 years ago. At that time running was just a hobby. This year I decided I wanted to get serious about my running. I read all the books and websites about training but was lost on how to move forward, until I signed up to work with Jasmin. Jasmin set up my week’s workout on an online running log, which was easy to follow.  Knowing that Jasmin was coaching me kept me motivated and held me accountable for the workouts that he scheduled for me. I am on the right path with my training and no longer feel lost. Jasmin gave me the direction I needed to continue my training. Great program and knowledgeable coach! Money well spent! ~ Sherry B.