Here is part 2 of Strength Endurance Workout. In the first part all of the exercises were to be done with weight on one side and required single kettlebell or dumbbell. This workout requires two kettlebells or dumbbells.

1) DB Dead Lift
Note: For some of you, depending on your height, arm length and DBs used this may look like a cross between a dead lift and a squat.

2) DB Romanian Dead Lift

3) DB Renegade Rows

4) DB Front Squat

5) DB Push Press

6) DB Reverse Lunge

7) DB Push Up

8) DB Side Lunge

Start with one repetition of each exercise (one per side on Renegade Rows, Reverse and Side Lunges) for a total of 11 reps, and try to work your way up to 3 (or more) reps per exercise for a total of 33 (or more) reps.
Choose the weight that would be challenging for 5 reps for the weakest exercise. For example, if your weakest exercise is the push press and you can do 20lb per arm for 5 reps – that would be the weight you should use for the entire workout.
Rest as needed between the rounds. You may need a longer rest between Round 2 and Round 3 than you took between Round 1 and Round 2.

As the workout starts to get easy, you can either:

a) Increase the number of reps/rounds (good for people who do not have access to heavier DBs)
b) Increase the weight of DBs being used
c) Decrease the rest time between the rounds
d) Or combination of any of three parameters

Aim to do this workout at least 2 times per week or in conjunction with the workout from part 1.

Have fun.