“I don’t have time.” “I’m just too busy.” “I don’t have energy to go to the gym after work.” “I don’t have any exercise equipment at home.”

These are just some reasons/excuses I hear all the time as to why it is that we do not exercise.
I think these excuses were created by the notion that in order to get benefits from exercise (feel better, move better, have more energy, be healthier) we need to spend hours upon hours in the gym lifting weights, pedaling on the bike and/or taking some type of group exercise class. On top of that, we need to get ready for the gym (packing a gym bag), then we need to drive to the gym, and for some of us, that may take 20 min or more, plus getting back home after. So, one hour of exercise turns into 2 hours or more of your day. Many people just give up before they even try and never do anything at all.

Here’s the thing; You DO NOT need to exercise for hours and hours to get the health benefits of exercise. I am sure you have heard it, and probably said it yourself, “Anything is better than nothing.” and when it comes to exercise and the benefits from exercise, that is the truth.


“But I am not sure what that anything means,” you may say.
Well, it literally means anything. If you are constantly sitting on your butt for 8 hours or more at work, even standing for 30sec every hour is better than sitting the entire time.

If you circle the parking lot in order to park as close to the entrance of a grocery store as you can (or even worse – the gym) consider parking as far away as you can. That extra 30 sec walk, every time you park as far away as you can, will make a huge difference over time. And while you’re in the grocery store, carry your bags in your hands instead of rolling them in the cart. It does wonders for your strength and conditioning. And if you did roll your groceries out, because you really had 100 bags, do me and the grocery employees a favor, bring that cart back inside the store or at least do not leave it at your parking spot. Anything is better than nothing!

If the building have an elevator – it probably has stairs. Take the stairs. Did you know that you can walk up an escalator too? We all complain how we do not have time for exercise, but have no problem standing on the escalator (or even worse – those belts at the airport) when walking up it gets you wherever you are going even faster. Anything is better than nothing!

Do you really need an hour to eat your sandwich during your lunch break? Even if you follow the advice of some health gurus and chew every bite 40 times (I may be making that number up) how many bites are in the foot long sub that it takes 60 min to eat it, or better yet, how long is your sub? Get up and move around your building after you are done eating. Maybe find some stairs. Test out my escalator theory if there is one nearby. Anything is better than nothing!

While watching your favorite TV show, stand up and do some stretching exercises during the first commercial break. You could do push ups (even against the kitchen counter) during the second break, sit ups (sure crunches are fine) – the third; squats (on to the chair is allowed) – the forth; planks (any of them: side, on your elbows, on your hands, even on the kitchen counter) – the fifth; lunges (go ahead hold onto the chair or the couch) – the sixth. Yes, some of my favorite TV shows have that many breaks. Don’t let the fear of your favorite character dying be the only thing that makes you break a sweat while watching Walking Dead. Anything is better than nothing!

Drive-through: most of the time is not faster. Plus you can check your food and not be 3 miles down the road before you realize that they gave you a bagel instead of an English muffin. And you never said extra bacon. You tried to cut calories, you really tried. Anything is better than nothing!

These are just some examples of how you can incorporate more exercise in your life and not feel like you have to spend a lot of time doing it. Every little bit adds up. Start incorporating some of these things in your daily life and you’ll feel better, move better, have more energy, and be healthier.