So, you are stuck inside due to blizzard conditions and you do not have a treadmill or any other equipment in order to work out, but you need to do something. After all, you are training for that big race coming up and you do not want to waste a day by mopping around.

Try this body weight workout;

1 BW Squat (Stand hip width apart with your toes pointing slightly out and squat as deep as you can; try to break parallel)

1 Push up (real push up and none of that “girl push up” on your knees stuff; you can elevate your hands on the chair, or the side of the couch or even the kitchen counter)

1 Reverse/Backward Lunge (Step back with your right leg and lower your right knee down to the floor; Step forward and repeat on the left leg)

1 Side/Lateral Lunge (Step to the side with your right leg and push your hips as far back as you can; Repeat on the other side)

5 sec Side Plank (Lie sideways and place your right elbow under your right shoulder; Raise your hips as high as you can; Repeat on the other side)

With minimal rest do…

2 BW Squats
2 Push ups
2 Reverse Lunges
2 Side Lunges
6 sec Side Plank…

With minimal rest…
Go up until you are doing 10 BW Squats, Push Ups, Reverse Lunges, Side Lunges and 14 sec side planks (ok, you can round it up to 15 sec, you tough guy/girl you 🙂 )

If this is to easy for you, well now – Do it in reverse 10 -1