5 Reasons You are Not Seeing Results

1. Inconsistency – People who work on achieving a goal on a more consistent basis are more likely to be successful than people who do not. It is as simple as that. Fitness is no different. Consistency is a skill, and, just like any skill, it needs to be practiced on a daily basis. Some people are better at it than others. Focus on your consistency first and then worry about details later.

2. Incorrect Intensity – Does the intensity of your workout match your goals? How about your frequency? Many gym goers train at the wrong intensity level. Some of us are doing way too much (H.I.I.T. Peeps aka “I always work out until I puke peeps”) and then some of us are not doing enough (“I heard all I need is 15 min of walking a day to offset 6 hours of TV watching peeps”)

3. You are suffering from a case of F.A.D.D. (Fitness Attention Deficit Disorder) – People are made to believe (by some genius marketing firms) that, if they want to see results, they have to do different things all of the time in order to “Confuse their Muscles”. Well, I hate to break to you, but, you can’t really “confuse” your muscles. They only know how to do 2 things – contract and/or relax, and most of them have to be “told” ahead of time to contract. In order to make any fitness gains your muscles need to go through a process of adaptations – so you need to stick with the SAME (not so confusing) routine for a while. When you change your routine too much too often, you never give your body enough time to adapt and your progress may stall in the long run. Have some patience. Think of Mr.Miyagi, “wax on  – wax off Daniel San” and then again, and again, and maybe one day you’ll be a Karate Kid.

4. You are doing someone else’s workout – Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, burn fat, jump higher, run faster or all of the above, you need your own plan. If you are doing something you saw in a magazine or online that promises all of this – you are doing someone else’s plan.

5. You are in Love with your Exercise Selection – We all do this. We tend to do things we are good at or the things we like. However, they may not necessarily be the most effective or most appropriate way to achieve your goal. More often than not, things we “hate” doing in the gym are the best things for us. For example, if you want to increase your lean muscle tissue but you find yourself hoping on the elliptical machine every time you go to gym, you are in love with the wrong thing. Or if you want to run a sub 20 min 5k but the only pair of shoes you own is the pair of Olympic weight lifting shoes, you are in love with the wrong thing. Go ahead fall out of love and achieve your fitness goals.